ZIMM History 19771977

The company is established by family Zimmermann in Bregenz. In the beginning the main focus is selling drive elements such as spur gears, bevel gears, racks and pinions, chains as well as linear guides and different transmissions.

ZIMM History 19911991

Introduction of ZIMM’s screw jack building block system for electromechanical adjustment of linear motion.

ZIMM History 19971997

ISO certification in compliance with ISO-9001.

ZIMM History 19991999

Relocation into the new factory building in Millennium Park, Lustenau.

ZIMM History 20092009

Establishment of the daughter company ZIMM Solar GmbH. Specialised in electromechanical drives for solar equipment tracking devices.

ZIMM History 20122012

The company is taken over by Gunther Zimmermann, the son of the founder of the company.

ZIMM History 20162016

Establishment of ZIMM USA Inc. in Chicago.

ZIMM History 20172017

Expansion of our sales territory in Italy.

ZIMM History 20202020

Strengthening the partnership between ZIMM USA Inc. and Diequa Corporation.

ZIMM History 2020_22020

Go-Live of pl.zimm.com | Strengthening of the ZIMM brand in Poland by expanding the cooperation with INMET-BTH.


C.H. Schäfer Getriebe GmbH, Getriebe Schäfer GmbH and Getriebe Schäfer Ankara A.S. turn green and are now part of the ZIMM Group.


Successful merger of C.H. Schäfer Getriebe GmbH, Getriebe-Schäfer GmbH and Schäfer Components GmbH under the new name – ZIMM Germany GmbH.


Go-Live of ru.zimm.com | Strengthening the ZIMM brand in Russia by expanding the cooperation with EM Service Europa and E.M. Intech.

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