ZIMM_summer festival_2019_1

The annual ZIMM summer festival took place also this year. On a bright sunny day of 28th June 2019 the employees gathered at the football club FC Lustenau to spend a nice evening together. After the welcome speech by Gunther Zimmermann a buffet was opened, and the first hungry guest didn’t spend a long time waiting for an invitation. Enjoying their meals and drinks, the conversations continued until late hours of the night and were finalised with a cold drink. We would like to express our cordial thanks to the team of FC Lustenau for the organisation of a successful evening, nice decorations and service.

“Summer festival is a good opportunity to speak to the colleagues from diverse departments outside the workplace environment. This year we had yet again good luck with the weather and I’m already looking forward to the next ZIMM event”, says Florian Wenger | Online Marketing Manager.

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