ZIMM April fool 2019
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Coffee is viewed as a treat enjoying high status in today’s society. In 2018 we recorded the volume of 9 million tons of coffee exceeded for the third time in a row. Be it at work or in during spare time – an Austrian drinks three cups a day on average and the trend is increasing. However, there is no such thing as an average coffee and the tastes are very different.

This knowledge led already in the spring of 2016 to a decision that ZIMM GmbH from Lustenau, besides the development, production and sales of screw jack gearboxes and drive elements, also wants to enter the market as a producer of precise, free controlled coffee machines for the final users. Owing to our in-house work in research and development and after a variety of prototypes and tests, the final result is that starting from April this year a serial production of these novel coffee machines will commence and they will be marketed under the name ZIMMPresso-That`s what! The models will be ZIMMPresso-GSZ0104-2,5 for the experienced drinkers and further one named ZIMMPresso-GSZ0104-5 (additionally equipped with a special milling gear) for a true connoisseur.

The advantage of ZIMMPresso`s compared to a standard coffee machine is that due to utilization of special components, especially a screw jack of GSZ series in combination with a ball screw with the pressing precision of 0.05 mm it is possible that each consumer can decide individually on how exactly shall the coffee beans be processed before their following treatment. Thus it is for example possible to release nearly one hundred different flavours from Coffea Arabica – which makes it ideal for each type of coffee drinker.

Moreover, in the course of last month we made considerable effort to train our sales and distribution partners corresponding to the requirements of B2C market. The sales will be initially started on the principle of direct sales. Further plans are, among others, to extend the store in the head office in Millennium Park 3 in Lustenau as well as to make the product series available in the department stores.

“We are proud that after three years of intensive work on research and development we are able to enter a blooming market of coffee enjoyment. The analyses and forecasts from the last years have shown us that this was presumably the right decision to make. Moreover, another business model, especially in the times of volatile markets and crises shall actually bring no harm to anybody. Also the opinion at ZIMM is that with both products we got on the pulse of the current development. Namely the craving for individualisation of everything even if the competition is very severe, says Florian Leuc | Project Manager, expert in products and implementation.”

April Fool 2019 | ZIMM GmbH

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