Product Features

The new ZE-Series takes the state of the art Zimm screw jacks to the next level with these industry leading advantages:

  • Zimm’s dual lubrication system: Provides separate spindle and gearbox cavities allowing for optimum lubrication type to be used in each with the new ZE-Series having a larger gearbox capacity for grease and now oil for longer duty cycles. Separate cavities also completely eliminate lubrication cross contamination in the gearbox
  • Smoother and modern streamlined design: Provides increased heat dissipation, easier paint and corrosion application as well as enhanced wash-down suitability
  • Robust gearbox design allows full capacity mounting in any position
  • Hardened and ground worm shaft is standard
  • Reduced backlash from advanced worm gear design and machining techniques
  • Compatible with existing Z-Series
  • Available in 8 sizes | 5kN – 350kN


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