ZIMM - Security by Hands-on Experience_2

A hands-on fire extinguisher training for all employees was held on 15th May. Besides the demonstrations of wide-ranging fire scenarios – from solid materials up to electronic devices and gas explosions, the focus of the engineering office Huber was also to make sure that every employee must gain experience to be able to put out the existing fire by means of the corresponding extinguisher.

“Especially a fire scene means for most of us a stress situation we are not accustomed to. This is the reason why it is important to have such an exercise – to be able to act and react accordingly in a hazard situation. This training also imparted us in a spectacular manner with knowledge of simple instructions on how to avoid burns and injuries during fire-fighting operations”, says Dieter Grabher | Specialist for Mechanical Maintenance and Health & Safety Representative at ZIMM.  

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