Successful implementation of a customised car lift for a private client

In 2022, we were able to develop and install a customised car lift for a private client in collaboration with our long-standing partner ZÜND Mechatronic GmbH from Schnepfau (Vorarlberg).

ZÜND Mechatronic GmbH, which specialises in individual automation technology and has extensive experience in the CNC sector, was our reliable partner in this project. Based on our extensive experience in stage technology and the associated high safety requirements, we were able to jointly develop a system that meets the following requirements:

  • Maximum load capacity of the platform: 3,500 kg
  • Platform dimensions: 3,000 mm x 4,500 mm
  • Lifting height: 3,100 mm

Due to the specific installation situation, we used four screw jacks of size 35kN in a rotating version with reinforced spindles and appropriate safety nuts. Thanks to the complete satisfaction and positive feedback from the end customer regarding his car lift, further projects of this kind are now in the pipeline at ZIMM.

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