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Following the takeover of the German industrial gear specialist C.H. Schäfer Getriebe GmbH during summer this year, and its integration it into the ZIMM Group, as of November 2nd, with Rainer Erdmann the new managing director of ZIMM Germany GmbH, the management team around Gunther Zimmermann and Akan Celik is now complete.

In addition to comprehensive structural improvements to ZIMM Germany GmbH, the common focus is primarily on the expansion of a joint sales and service network in order to position itself internationally over the long-term as the ZIMM Group, partner for industrial and special gear units.

Rainer Erdmann as the new CEO has had many years of international experience as a Managing Director in the aeronautic and automotive industries. Under his leadership, the companies he led developed sustainably and significantly above the sector average. 

“With the expansion of the wide range of gearboxes on offer, from standard to customised drive solutions, the ZIMM Group has not only set the course for the future, but has also secured future growth opportunities,” Rainer Erdmann says and continues, “after many years in private equity firms in mechanical engineering, I am extremely happy to be able to expand the previous success with my team in a family-run group in the long run.”

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