The new height-adjustable platform of our customer Eisbär Trockentechnik in Götzis has been given more mobility by our screw jacks and saves the end customer a good half day of conversion work. This is because the customer can now not only easily “fold up” its drying system and transport it from one hall to another, but also use it at various heights.

Until now, the platform was permanently assembled and had to be dismantled, transported by crane and reinstalled at the machine where drying was required. With the new lifting system – consisting of two KSZ-H-25-L with 2:1 transmission, connecting shafts, a motor with a brake and four ZE-35-RN with reinforced spindle and a stroke of 2150 millimetres – this can be done within a few minutes.

An injection moulding machine manufacturer in Switzerland has benefited from this new platform’s flexibility since the autumn of 2022. The implementation was the first with our new customer Eisbär who had become aware of ZIMM while looking for a mobile solution. During the on-site consultation, they then saw our advantages over a hydraulic drive and other similar adjustment units. Among other things, they decided to choose us because of our safety trap nut and brake – but above all because the overall system was a perfect fit for their applications and they can control the lifting gear centrally with one motor.

In addition, the fact that our sales representative Michael Aberer had already successfully implemented similar applications also tipped the scales. This created confidence, and when the last improvement measures for noise reduction could be implemented during the visit before the delivery of the finished machine, concerns about the new system finally dissipated.

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