General product features – KSZ-H

The properties of KSZ-H series include high precision, power density and smooth run as well as high-quality two-component varnish offering an efficient corrosion protection. Furthermore, it is possible to carry out the screw connection not only by means of internal thread as usual but also from the top owing to special drilling.

  • High torque transmission in a small size
  • Pre-loaded taper roller bearings
  • Sealing by means of shaft seals and O-rings
  • Max. 40% duty factor at 1500 min-1
  • Oil change required only on heavy duty applications
  • All installation dimensions symmetrical
  • Compatible with screw jack modular components

Instruction on the direction of rotation of the shaft configuration

To change the direction of rotation, the bevel gearboxes can be rotated by 180°. Since the gears are symmetrical, it can be rotated around the Z-axis as well as on the Y-axis.

Please note:
When rotating around Y-axis by 180°, the direction of rotation changes.


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Same mounting height – no support plates required

ksz h same mounting height

The ZIMM bevel gearboxes KSZ-H have the same fitting height as the ZIMM screw jack gearbox.

Please note:
If a larger bevel gearbox has to be used due to a high torque, the difference in height must be compensated structurally by means of shims or similar.

General product features – KSZ-2

Fitting a stub shaft allows the KSZ-2 to be used as a conventional right-angle gearbox.

  • High torque transmission
  • Spiral toothing ensures low running noise
  • Compatible with GSZ screw jacks


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