In 2017, INGENIA GmbH from Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany) literally found us on the Internet. After five years and following the delivery of seven machines, their plastic plate welding machine, which was previously manufactured only as a custom-designed product, can now be produced as standard – thanks to the ZIMM spindle stroke system.

“We were looking for a new solution for the drive technology of our machine and with the ZIMM KGT spindles we realised the right step towards a technically precise, robust and durable solution. The ZIMM spindle drives facilitated the transformation from a custom-designed machine to a standard machine.”

Otmar Weirich | CEO INGENIA GmbH

Customer enquiries put ZIMM in business

INGENIA kept receiving enquiries for plastic welding machines from the packaging industry, since the customer’s quantity requirements for plastic containers and plastic pallets to be welded increased manifold. As a result, it was decided to put out feelers to seek a partner for the drive of a newly designed machine for welding plastic parts.

ZIMM was the first to react, the products were convincing from a technical point of view and the commercial support offered did the rest. Since then, our custom-designed ZE-H-50-SN and ZE-H-50-RN gear units have been installed as standard in the aforementioned machine.

ZIMM custom-designed gear units in use

Two surface welding machines of the Y-P-SF model are currently in production. A total of 42 custom-designed ZE-H-50-SN and ZE-H-50-RN gear units with the respective accessories were installed in each of the seven machines already delivered.

S-SHG gear units are used in the upper section of the plastic plate welding machines. In combination with the R-SHG gear units in the lower section of the machine, they ensure that two parts made of warm plastic mass are welded together in a precise pressing process. 38 additional KSZ-H bevel gearboxes in various sizes and matching connecting shafts are used there.

For more information on how our gear units work or how foldable plastic containers are manufactured as a single piece – without post-processing – please visit us at the K 2022 plastics trade fair from 19 to 26 October 2022 in Düsseldorf. Our INGENIA staff there (hall 11, booth F69) will be happy to answer any questions about the machine described above.

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