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Our client, HR Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, located in Kakenstorf near Hamburg, specializes in the general overhaul of machine tools and equipment. To save an old, technically and structurally aging heavy-duty lathe through re-engineering, they relied on a ZIMM Z-Series screw jack systems.

Using such a gearbox as a pre-tensioner for the jaw chuck of a large machine tool is definitely something unusual and also required some courage. This innovative decision was jointly taken following a personal visit by our sales representative for northern Germany, Frank Achenbach, and a productive discussion about the project.

Finally, a Z-1000-SL worm gear screw jack with trapezoidal thread for a stroke of 200 mm was installed in a lathe. The gearbox has now been running excellently for around six years and meets all requirements of the end customer based in Siegen.

“When it comes to the refurbishment of machine tools, we often prioritize new and innovative solutions. This is because original parts are often unavailable, or the machine’s performance needs an upgrade. ZIMM has impressed us with their forward-looking approach, and we will readily tap into their expertise for upcoming projects.”

Hartmut Röschard | CEO – HR Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

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