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No less than 21 podiums equipped with ZIMM worm gear screw jacks were delivered to Istanbul by our customer Waagner-Biro Austria Stage Systems GmbH for the stages of the new Atatürk Cultural Centre (AKM). The quality was convincing, thus securing a follow-up order for flexible balustrades. This means that ZIMM now ensures movement with precision in Turkey’s largest cultural facility.

The prestigious contract for the components for the complete stage machinery of the AKM – and indeed for both the opera and theatre halls – could be won by the State of Vorarlberg for several reasons: In addition to the intensive consultation including a company visit to Lustenau, the excellent cooperation between the project management of Waagner-Biro Austria Stage Systems GmbH and ZIMM field service executive Bernhard Stark as a link to the office team was the decisive factor. Of course, both the experience in theatre stage construction and the associated know-how as well as the industry-renowned adherence to delivery dates played quite a significant role. The value-for-money ratio was right and made ZIMM the best bidder and the Viennese company a regular Customer in the meantime.

ZIMM gearboxes in the Atatürk Cultural Centre

In the compensation platforms for the Atatürk Cultural Centre, various gear formations from the ZE 100 series with wear control combined with bevel gearboxes are used. They serve to ensure the level adjustment between the respective stage and the stage wagon.

Waagner Biro Austria Stage Systems also turned to ZIMM again for the follow-up order: movable parapets. For this purpose, worm gear screw jacks of the ZE 10 series are used in the rotating version with safety monitoring plus special encoders and attachments.

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