Secure mounting of tractor gears? ZIMM makes it possible

Our customer was seeking a solution to securely grip a tractor gearbox (approx. 700 Kg) to rotate it safely by 180°.


We offered a special ZIMM screw jack type S working as a type R, a screw using left-hand and right-hand threads, and one nut on each part. The motor, by driving the gearbox shaft, rotates the screw. With the reversed threads, the nuts then move antagonistically, mimicking the action of a clamp.

Selected components

Z-100 screw jack (ZE-100) with a 55×9 left-hand and right-hand threaded screw with 2 left-hand and right-hand duplex nuts, brake motor, and accessories.


The complete screw jack + gearmotor assembly enables the function of a clamp using only one motor. Moreover, the non-reversibility of the gearboxes and the motor brake provide maximum safety: no risk of loosening during the rotation of the piece.

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