ZIMM support vertical movements within filling devices

We were tasked to enable the lifting and lowering of an insulated foam filling system for concrete blocks. The system needed to be reliable and resistant to cement abrasion, while allowing a very high frequency of use.


The 2-ton load is moved vertically to allow the nozzles to enter the cells of the concrete blocks, then raised during filling. The use of 4 synchronized screw jacks keeps the tank and its nozzles as close as possible to the blocks, with an adjustable stroke.

Selected components

Set of ZIMM ZE-10-SN screw jacks with ball screws + motorization and bevel gearboxes.


Our solution effectively fills concrete blocks with foam. The high capacities and reliability of the ZIMM gearboxes enable sustained production rates over time. The set of angle drives and connecting shafts allows for the synchronization of the 4 gearboxes with a single central motorization. Finally, the use of ball screws enables high speeds and excellent longevity.

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