50 kN
1500 rpm
1800 rpm
GGG-50, corrosion-resistant
steel, case-hardened, ground
17,0 kg
8,0 kg
synthetic fluid grease
grease lubrication
max. 60°, higher on request
N: 2,49 kg cm² / L: 1,73 kg cm²
max. 31,5 Nm (N) / max. 10,4 Nm (L)
max. 260 Nm
Translating (S)

A safety nut is specially applied in such cases where the rupture of the screw may be of danger for people. Safety nut may also be used in other devices to protect against damage of machinery and outages.


After a maximum of 25% of the thread is worn out, the support nut (R) or the gear (S) needs to be replaced.


It is necessary to perform periodic checks and to record the wear or the thread alignment (according to the time in operation). This enables to plan the replacement soon enough to avoid the outage of the equipment.

Electronic monitoring

Electronic monitoring will signal when the approximate level of 25% wear is reached and this could be immediately displayed at the central location. Wear parts replacement may be organised in a timely manner.

Screw Jack Systems | ZE and ZE-H-Series
thread Tr dxPpitch P | mmmax. permitted wear | thread play* (25% of P) mm
16×4, 18×4, 20×441,0
55×9, 60×992,25
80×16, 100×16, 120×16164,0
40×20 160×20205,0
*Identical for double pitch screws (same thread flank thickness)
include SIFA

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